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!! Jan 1, 2014

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    1. Shawn D
      Shawn D
      I am interested in doing the MS 150 with team CBC, I am unable to contribute much in the fundraising area because I am participating In the Pan Mass Challenge...Check it out...http://www.pmc.org/mypmc/profiles.asp?Section=story&eGiftID=SD0149. I have commited to a $4000 donation and I am having a tough time with that...any info would be great
    2. Shawn D
      Shawn D
      Zonda I am interested in this ride and any other rides on Sun, Mon, and Tues. Please send me an email with time and location, I would like to do the 39 mile route and I ride 15-17. Thanks see you Sunday
    3. Zonda
      The best way to reach me is to:

      click on my name
      select send message
      select "send message via email"

      It will forward the message to my email address. The public messages below I don't see unless I log into the forum and sometimes don't notice messages are posted here unless I go to my profile. There is a notification link on the Home page, but it doesn't provide a pop up notification when I log in, so I don't notice there are public messages posted to my profile. Thanks

    4. Zonda
      Sorry for the delay in replying. I was out til dark Thursday marking the RRR routes then running errands yesterday afternoon and today.

      I will send emails to answer these questions. I don't think they realize they are posting a public message rather than sending me an email or Private Message.
    5. DianaW
      Hi, Zonda!

      Better late than never - sorry to take so long to accept your invitation. Will get going on recruiting folks for the Tour de Cure.

    6. Gregory McNevin
      Gregory McNevin
      Hi Zonda - I am new to Triangle Cycling and would like to learn about weekend ride options in the area and a description of the level of these rides. I ride on the road for exercise and fun, and am not particularly interested in racing. Thanks in advance for you help.
    7. kamohr
      Hi Zonda- I am new to Triangle Cycling and am interested in joining the Sunday 10:00 am REI Durham ride. I am a beginner and would like to do the 14 mile stretch. How do I register? Who do I RSVP to? Thank you for your help! Kathleen Mohr
    8. Zonda
      I'm posting an update regarding pricing in the announcement thread.
    9. PatsyH
      Hey Zonda,
      Re: winery tour...the tasting is $4.00, but how much is the tour itself? and how do I rsvp? I'm new to this site. thanks bunches Patsy
    10. JennyH
      Thanks, Zonda!
      I can't make the ride tomorrow - there's a birthday in the family and there must be cake and candles and singing in the evening. I'm closer to Durham/Chapel hill (southpoint), so Cary might be a bit far from here, but I'd like to get the experience of riding in a group, so I'll try to make the following week's ride. I saw a link somewhere about a ride leaving from the REI over here sometime next month that I'll probably try to go to, too. Thanks very much!
    11. Zonda
      Hi Jenny,

      Welcome to the group! I don't know when we will have a beginner ride from Cary/Lochmere. If you aren't afraid to ride with traffic, we lead a beginner group every Wed. from MacGregor Village. I'll be posting the ride announcement in a few minutes. Come on out and join us.

      Jerseys, I have two mediums with three people wanting them before you. They tend to run small so I may have a large that will fit you. Two others also want larges, but I suspect they will need an xl instead. I will know what is still available on Wed. Let me know if you have any other questions. Hope to see you Wed.!
    12. JennyH
      Hi Zonda-
      I'm new and would love to hear about any upcoming beginner level rides. Thanks!
      Jenny H

      (And if you do have some jerseys left, I'll gladly take one and a pair of socks (small) off your hands - I usually wear a women's M shirt, but I have no idea how the jersey sizing runs.)
    13. Zonda
      Got your messages.
    14. JillyBean
      Hi Zonda,
      I am hoping to make it out tomorrow for the OMV ride, I'm just not sure if I can get out of work on time. If I'm not there by 6pm don't worry about waiting for me. If I'm just running a little late, I'll pick up a cue sheet from Ed's car and try to catch up. The other thing I was wondering was how to get a shirt and socks order going.
    15. Susan B.
      Susan B.
      Hi Zonda,
      When you get this or my earlier message about joining you for the OMV tomorrow, can you e-mail me back. I may have done something wrong the last time I e-mailed several months ago--as you didn't get my first message --so just want to make sure this reaches you. I'm e-mailing you by double-clicking on your name.
    16. Susan B.
      Susan B.
      Hi Zonda! I'm planning to join you for the OMV ride tomorrow.

      I ride 12-14 mph. I just sent Rick my member info for your Slow Spokes Rider list. (I joined you for one ride last year, and hope to join for more rides this season.)

      Am planning to change my user name to Susan B (for simplicity's sake), once I figure out how to do it!

      See you tomorrow.


    17. Zonda
      Yes, I will be there. So far, I know these people are coming:
      Me, Rick, Michelle, Elaine, Charley and Mike D. I'm sure there will be more. Hope you and John can make it!
    18. rodethrulife
      Are you going to the social on Monday the 14th?
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