9-11 Myrtle Beach

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  1. jetta-the-hut

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    anyone coming down, got a 700M swim(+ 50m out & back also) 13 mile bike, 5k run

    I've already signed up, just let me know, its going to be staggered start but if any clydes show up or novice guys just let me know & I'll try and keep up.

    most age groupers will start way ahead of us.
  2. jetta-the-hut

    jetta-the-hut Founder Of Loss Causes!

    well it was interesting 10 people had to be rescued and brought in out the ocean we had 4-5 ft waves on our 750m swim, a head wind for 8 out of 13 miles on the bike, and a fun little run.

    took 11th in my class, and 126 in males, 149 overall out of 280 racers

    so why do I feel like I sucked, I swallowed so much salt water I actually drank my whole water bottle on my bike trying to rehydrate from taking in so much salt water, got to the 1 1/2 on the run and they had a water station if they hadn't i would not have made it. I had cotton mouth that whole 1 1/2 miles of the run.

    23 minute 750m swim
    41 minute 13 mile bike
    28 minute 5k- which really pissed me off since I've ran sub 24 minute runs since July!

    the swim was horrible i could barley walk after getting out that surf!
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    You finished and you are in 1 piece. Maybe the weather could have been better. Over all it was a good learning/character building adventure. Don't be so hard on yourself.
  4. jetta-the-hut

    jetta-the-hut Founder Of Loss Causes!

    yeah it was fun but my wife said I'm too focused on the #'s, and she's right.

    I found a coach in wilmington so I'm calling him tomorrow, i need help on the swim. I spent so much energy and stamina on the swim the whole rest of the race was playing catch up.

    I did learn alot like a Gue pac would have been nice to refuel and little more water. faster Transition times and a little more pep in the seat and foot would have helped, the swim is where i need the most work.

    there was only 18 minutes between me and the Clydesdale winner but when i look back I'm not sure where all those minutes could have been made up.

    well I'm gearing up for a 15k on October 10th so back to road I go!:hyper:
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    jetta-the-hut Founder Of Loss Causes!

  6. jetta-the-hut

    jetta-the-hut Founder Of Loss Causes!

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    Nice pics. Wish there were a Like button.

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