Brewery Ride! Sunday 8/26

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    Greetings all,
    We are riding from the Carolina Brewing Company this week. I will have cue sheets and reserve the right to change them from the ones I post.... Please make sure to take care of everyone in your group!
    Maura is riding Sunday, so if anyone wants to do the short loop (around the business park) and keep her company, please come out and join the festivities. I imagine she will be riding at 10 AM or thereabouts.
    A couple of things:
    Packet Pickup The MS Society, in the guise of Elizabeth Robson, will be on hand between 12 PM and 2 PM to hand out packets for New Bern. If you don't get them this Sunday you will have to wait until New Bern to do so.
    BRING YOUR TENTS! If you are planning on camping please bring your tent with identification on them. As usual, we will be setting up the Tent City on Friday.
    -We need the volunteers who said they can haul stuff to grab the tents this Sunday and next. I alsoneed their contact info in case someone cannot make the rides but want to drop off a tent.
    -We will need volunteers to put up tents and put up the big canopy in New Bern. The canopy takesabout 6 people to set up.
    Upgrade your ride this week! If you have been doing a specific ride all summer and want to see if you can go farther or faster, upgrade to the next level or the next distance. It will give you an idea of what you can accomplish at New Bern as well as marking a new achievement! Remember, almost all the rides are no drop.
    17 days to BikeMS. Work on your fundraising!
    We are doing the 100 mile Bunnlevel/NCBC Fall Rally route for those who want some miles. Cue sheet attached.
    Here are the route times:
    7:00 AM100 Mile group goes. 17-19 mph avg. NO DROP!!!
    8:00 AM 17 mph 72 milers depart (This is a no drop ride) Split group enroute
    8:15 AM 19-20+ mph 72 milers depart (This ride is a drop ride. Carry a cue sheet)
    9:00 AM 15 mph 50 milers depart (This is a no drop ride)
    9:15 AM 17 mph 50 milers depart (This is a no drop ride)
    9:30 AM 18+ mph 50 milers depart (This is a no drop ride)
    10:00 AM 12-14 mph 30 milers depart & an 19 mile ride option (These are no drop rides)
    10:15 AM 15+ mph 30 milers depart (This is a no drop ride)
    Riders will be getting back around 1 PM. Bring your lawn chairs and cash for food and gear!
    Carolina Brewing Company
    140 Thomas Mill Rd
    Holly Springs, NC
    Have fun!. See you Sunday.

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    This Sunday!

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