Cyclepath Ride Report 8/19/2006

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  1. JayC

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    Went for my second ride with the Cyclepaths yesterday. I was a little anxious about this ride because of the distance. The listed distance was 62 miles, which was about 8 miles farther than last week and about double the amount of distance I normally do on my own. To add to the stress of the long distance, I was also under a time constraint as I had to either be done by noon or sag out and be back to my car by noon.

    I got the The Grocery Bag about 7 or 8 minutes before 8. I had intended to be there earlier but discovered as I was driving out there that I didn't have any cash on me and I didn't want to ride without some cash in case I needed to buy some Gatorade, etc. So, a quick trip by a teller machine in Clayton and I was good to go.

    I immediately noticed that there were more riders this week than last. I quickly put on my gear and walked my bike across the road. About the time I got into the parking lot, they were getting ready to head out. I got a cue sheet and stuck it in my jersey pocket and met up with Karen G and John.

    So off we go.. I rode with Karen and John for about the first 8-10 miles and it was very enjoyable. The pace was good and I enjoy rides that are a little chatty. About 10 miles or so in, we caught up to another group and I fell in with them, not realizing that Karen and John didn't. By the time I looked in my mirror, Karen and John were gone. I thought about slowing down and waiting to regroup but then I checked the time and saw that I was going to need to pick things up a little if I had any hope of finishing on time.

    I stayed in with this next group until the first rest stop in Kenly. At that point, the group kind of splintered and I saw a couple of people from the group heading out so I jumped on my bike and went out with them. We did make a wrong turn but figured out pretty quick what had happened so we turned around and got back on the right road. The pace with the smaller group was much faster and while I wasn't having any problems keeping up, I was concerned about my endurance over the long haul at this pace.

    Eventually we ran into another group and I thought at this point the pace might back down a little. I was pulling when we caught this other group so I dropped in behind them to take a break and about that time, one of the girls who had been riding with us blew right by me. A guy behind me says "She's leaving you, Flash" (I was the one wearing the Flash Gordon jersey) so I was like "shit" and caught back up with her.

    We got to Freemont and the sag vehicle wasn't around. I rested a second and then wanted to run into the convenient store for more fluids but as soon as I decided to go in, people started leaving again so I aborted that plan and fell back into the group.

    The return pace was much quicker. I was just about out of fluid when we got to Bagley and was glad to see the sag vehicle in the parking lot. I filled my bottles back up and rested for a minute and then checked the time. We had about 20 miles to go (or so I thought) and I had an hour and 5 minutes until noon. I told one of the guys that was in the group that I was under a time constraint so we headed out along with a couple of others.

    Eventually we ended up as a pack of 4. Everyone else dropped off and it was me, 2 other guys and a girl heading back. With about 2 miles to go, we really picked up the pace. I arrived back at the car at 12:06 and had my bike loaded and was on the road by 12:10.

    According to my cycling computer, we averaged 18.2MPH over 64.2 miles. I don't know if my computer was wrong or the cue sheet was wrong regarding the distance. That just gives me another excuse as to why I need a Garmin 305, though :)

    Next week, Hope Springs Eternal, 65 miles, or so says the cue sheet ;)
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    Jay -

    I started at R'wood. It's right at 6 miles from there to the GB parking lot. So, I had 12 extra miles, wound up with a total of 76.89miles. I trust the Edge305, so the cue sheet distances are subject to be off...happened before.

    I would say that next week's ride will be more than 65. I'm gonna try to add the extra 12, so I might be closer to 80 by the time I finish!

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