Mike D -- Gyros Sunday Beginners Ride?

Discussion in 'Rides/Meet Ups' started by Gerard, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Gerard

    Gerard New Member

    You can count me in on any ride you come up with on Sundays (14,15,16mph).

  2. BetsyW

    BetsyW Will cycle for beer

    I would love to try to push myself to improve to 15-16, so a Sunday ride with faster people would probably be good for me. Let me know if you have a specific route in mind. We live on the Wake County side of Hwy 50 off of 1010 road. We ride a lot on 1010, Sauls/Crowder, Rand, Jordan, Holland Church, Jackson-King - that is about all I am familiar with. We're always open to whatever.:)
  3. TracyW

    TracyW Guest

    I'm open. I have routes from my house to Four Oaks and that direction. Karen has a couple of routes that head into Clayton towards Raleigh and Jay has a couple that head to Benson and Coats. We have directions and distances covered. We can flip a coin :confused:
  4. TracyW

    TracyW Guest

    How is Wake Forest to ride in?
  5. KarenG

    KarenG Airwolf Staff Member

    well, once the weather remains stable with no 30-40mph winds, no rain, i expect to do 20-30miles on sundays, most likely at a recovery type of pace. this usually turns out to be around 16, the last couple of times jay and i rode.
  6. JayC

    JayC Administrator Staff Member

    We're neighbors :)
  7. Pugslyyy

    Pugslyyy Ride to Ride

    That Sunday ride that the gyros do is a good one. I'll be doing it as my schedule allows this summer.
  8. tombiowami

    tombiowami New Member

    Wake Forest is pretty good. Not as hilly as north Raleigh but hillier than Clayton. I rode out here a good bit by myself before figuring out it was much more fun and safer and better in groups. I did not really have routes as much as I would just go ride which usually turned out good. Mainly up to Franklinton/Rolesville. Standard nice NC country scenery.

    I would be up for a Sunday recovery type ride this coming week as well since the Gyros will only be doing theirs every other week.

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