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Discussion in 'Triathlon Talk' started by jerrylcanterbury, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. jerrylcanterbury

    jerrylcanterbury Accidental Athlete

    Found out my number for this Saturday's triathlon.

    It's 664.

    So it's not the Number of the Beast.

    No, it's the Number of the Beast's next door neighbor.

  2. bryanphoto

    bryanphoto "It's pretty flat."

    Nice. The Neighbor of the Beast. Need a really good fence.
  3. jetta-the-hut

    jetta-the-hut Founder Of Loss Causes!

    How did you do Jerry?

    I still manged to get a t-shirt even though I couldn't make the race.

    Edit: I found it,

    Dude you did awesome on the run and cycle!

    JERRY CANTERBURY 00:31:04, 00:26:24
  4. jerrylcanterbury

    jerrylcanterbury Accidental Athlete

    Nice shirts too, dri-fit instead of cotton. Will be nice for training.

    Dude, I won't my freakin' division! I've never won anything athletic in my life!

    It's was Masters Novice division, so beginners over 40. I was just so stunned to have done so well.

    My swimming is painfully slow, so I'm planning to work on that, but on the bike and run, I was passing people left and right so felt pretty good.

    Definitely a good way to start the season. I'm now starting to look for an Olympic distance I can do.

    There are some photos on my Facebook page (see link in signature) and at the event photographer's page at this link:

    Azalea Triathlon Event Photos
  5. carlosq

    carlosq Member

    nice job, Jerry
  6. Zonda

    Zonda Super Moderator Staff Member

    Congratulations Jerry!!:D What a way to start the season.:)

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