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    Greetings all!

    We are coming into the home stretch for the BikeMS ride. If you haven't gotten in your miles, this Sunday is a perfect time to do so.

    For all the rides except the fastest 72, we are still working on a No Drop concept. If you need to, please split the groups so that everyone gets a good ride in as well as everyone gets taken care of. For those who ride with us all the time, please help out and maybe help others who may need a few pointers. Believe it or not, a few well placed suggestions (I always ask first if they are interested) can really make a difference to someone's ride.

    This week is from My Way Tavern. I have a new 100 mile route for those who want to do it. If you are, please study the map and route cue sheet.


    Here are the start times. Please be prompt.
    7:00 AM100 Mile group goes. 17-19 mph avg. NO DROP!!!
    8:00 AM 17 & 18 mph 72 milers depart (This is a no drop ride) Split enroute
    8:15 AM 19-20+ mph 72 milers depart (This ride is a drop ride. Carry a cue sheet)
    9:00 AM 15 mph 50 milers depart (This is a no drop ride)
    9:15 AM 17 mph 50 milers depart (This is a no drop ride)
    9:30 AM 18+ mph 50 milers depart (This is a no drop ride)
    10:00 AM 12-14 mph 30 milers depart & an 19 mile ride option (These are no drop rides)
    10:15 AM 15+ mph 30 milers depart (This is a no drop ride)

    Remember, split the group if it starts to fracture to much. Also, if someone wants to take off, let them. Keep the group and pacelines together. It works much better for everyone.
    Return to My Way Tavern about 1 PM.
    My Way Tavern
    301 W Center St
    Holly Springs, NC
    Have fun! Bob

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